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ROCA Industry AB
Radiovägen 19
SE-135 48 Tyresö

Tel: +46 8 448 73 20

VAT no: SE556103390201

Our goal was to create a room in the room that is quick to assemble and with a slimmed aluminum profile / wooden profile at a reasonable price.

  • High quality
  • Low price
  • Plug and play

YouTube iconInstallation of ROCA Decibel

YouTube iconSound measurement

YouTube iconKlas present lock case RG-461
(in Swedish)

Folder | ROCA Decibel (dB)
PDF iconInst för RG-580 alu karm
PDF iconMeasurement of
the weighted sound transmission loss
Decibel kalkylator
Special design / not standard frame
Use the configurator / calculator to calculate the dimensions of the glass door and cut out on other than standard module dimensions on the ROCA Decibel alu frame (RG-580).
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Door frame, Aluminum ROCA dB | RG-580
Aluminum door frame for swing door in glass solutions, or for wooden door wit...
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Door frame profile, Aluminum ROCA dB | RG-580
Aluminum door frame for swing door in glass solutions, or for wooden door wit...
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Installation channel, El-zone | RG-530
ROCA has developed and produced a smart and flexible installation channel to ...
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Hardware kit 1 for ROCA dB
Includes the following:   Painted grey kit 861680 ...
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Hardware kit 2 for ROCA dB
Fits 10 mm glass door. Includes the following: 938106 – Thumb turn, ...
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Door leaf, 10mm glass ROCA dB | RG-584
10mm hardned and edge polished clear glass that is adapted to our aluminum fr...
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Door closer for ROCA dB | RG-578
Will be mounted on the inside. A set consists of: 1pc. Door closer | DC...
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Threshold, ROCA dB | RG-581
Aluminum or oak threshold that fits ROCA Decibel alu frame RG-580. Mounted in...
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Weather strip Ø8 for RG-580/581, ROCA dB | RG-586
Fits 10mm glass in alu frame Decibel. Sold in length of 8m. With C-kerf.
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Threshold sealing | RG-591
Automatic threshold sealing (SCHALL-EX® GS-A) for all doors with a glass thic...
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Threshold sealing | RG-592
Automatic drop down seal for external application on hinged glass doors. It i...
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Lock fitting, ROCA dB | RG-441
ROCA RG-441 is a group of products for locking of glass doors with near infin...
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Lock case cover for swing/sliding door, ROCA dB | RG-445
Cover for mounting to the opposite side of the glass of lock fitting RG- 441....
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