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Door Closer DC:
ROCA's range of door closers offers a product line that is certified according to EU standards. The door closers are available in different materials and sizes. Furthermore, there are arms for fire doors, door stop function, stainless steel arms and adjustable sliding. All closers come with installation instructions and mounting template.
  • Application areas: Public areas such as commercial buildings, malls, car showrooms, restaurants and hotels, private residences.,
  • Material & Finish: Aluminum, painted and anodized and with stainless steel AISI 304, satin cover and arm.
  • Suitable for: Wooden-, aluminum-, steel-, plastic- and glass- doors
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Door closer for ROCA dB | RG-578
Will be mounted on the inside. A set consists of: 1pc. Door closer | DC...
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Door closers for glass doors | RG-588
Will be mounted on the outside. A set consists of: 1pc. Door closer | D...
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Top door closer patch | RG-210
Work in pair with RG-211. For single or double action swing door. Glass...
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Bottom door closer patch | RG-211
Work in pair with RG-210. For single or double action swing door with hold op...
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Door closer | DC-734
Door closer with pre set closing force EN 4. Door width 1100 mm. M...
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Door closer | DC-770
Door closer with pre set closing force EN 3. Power adjustable by positio...
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Door closer | DC-915
Door closer with variable closing force according EN 2-5. Power adjustab...
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Stainless steel cover
Stainless steel cover for DC-915
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Arm for disposition
Arm, hold open. Stepless adjustment from 0° to maximum door opening angle.
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Arm for door closer
Arm in stainless steel for fire and standard doors. Replace item: 540040.
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Track arm
Track , hold open
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Door closer, floor | DC-843 to DC-844
Suitable for glass, wood and aluminium doors. (Use RG-221 or RG-166 for glass...
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Spindles for door closer | DC-S00 to DC-S20
For different gap between glass and floor. Fits: 540063, 540064 and 540065.
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