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Door lock systems RG - 400:

Is a lock series in purposes for glass doors as single door, double door or sliding door. The locks fit to strike plate against the frame or wall and strike box in the side panel or over panel. Suitable level handle, lock case, cylinder and cylinder accessories is also available in our range.

  • Application areas: Public areas such as commercial buildings, malls, car showrooms, restaurants and hotels, private residences.
  • Material & finish: Stainless steel AISI 304, Satin finish and aluminum anodized finish.
  • Suitable for glass thickness: 8 - 15 mm

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Lock fitting, ROCA dB | RG-441
ROCA RG-441 is a group of products for locking of glass doors with near infin...
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Strike box, ROCA dB | RG-442
Strike plate, used with RG-441 when locking a swing door in glass against the...
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Strike plate for sliding door, ROCA dB | RG-443
To be used with lock case RG-450, lock fitting RG-441 and cover RG-445 when l...
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Lock case cover for swing/sliding door, ROCA dB | RG-445
Cover for mounting to the opposite side of the glass of lock fitting RG- 441....
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Lock case cover for door in frame, ROCA dB | RG-446
Cover for mounting to the opposite side of the glass of lock fitting RG- 441....
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Extension for cylinder escutcheon, ROCA db | RG-447
Used together with a 15 or 16mm cylinder escutcheon (for ex. 930547 ) when yo...
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Strike plate for swing door, ROCA dB | RG-448
Strike plate used together with lock case RG-451 or RG-452, for mounting in w...
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Hinge for glass door, ROCA dB | RG-490
Hinge for glass doors (6, 8 or 10mm) that fit ROCA Decibel aluminum frame RG-...
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Door stop for swing door, ROCA dB | RG-444
Fitting for stopping swing door from passing the strike plate . For glass doo...
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Lock fitting with straight corners | RG-402
Lock fitting for swing doors and double swing doors also sliding door with lo...
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Strike box glass-glass | RG-404
Strike box for 8-10mm glass. Mounted on sidepanel or double swing door. Combi...
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Lock case, rectangular | RG-430
Fits 8-10mm glass. To be completed with double cylinder with a minimum of 28...
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Strike box glass-glass | RG-431
Fits 8-10mm glass. Used with RG-430 (861531)
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Lock fitting | RG-232
Lock fitting for center mounting of glass edge (not corner mounted) Suitable ...
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Lock fitting for corner mounting | RG-224
Lock fitting for corner mounting. Suitable with strike plate RG-240 (860490),...
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Lock fitting for sliding door | RG-420
Round lock fitting for sliding door glass to glass. Min and max distance betw...
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Door holder for glass door | RG-250
A brilliant solution to fix a glass door in a fixed position. This glass fitt...
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