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ROCA Industry AB
Radiovägen 19
SE-135 48 Tyresö

Tel: +46 8 448 73 20

VAT no: SE556103390201

Here will you find ROCAs high-res logo. The white version of the logo should be used on dark backgrounds. It is okay to use for journalist and ROCA clients.
If possible, please send me a digital proof before production.

Zip-file including logo: (5.07Mb)
Roca logo Roca logo negativ (on red back ground)
The Zip-file include following images
  1. New Logo 2012 (Inst)
  3. Roca-Logo_Red_PMS1805C.jpg
  4. Roca-Logo_Red_PMS1805C.pdf
  5. Roca-Logo_Red_PMS1805C.psd
  6. Roca-Logo_Red_PMS1805C_(ver.9).eps
  8. Roca-Logo_Alt1_Red_PMS1805C.jpg
  9. Roca-Logo_Alt1_Red_PMS1805C.pdf
  10. Roca-Logo_Alt1_Red_PMS1805C.psd
  11. Roca-Logo_Alt1_Red_PMS1805C_(ver.9).eps
Roca logo Alternativ 1 Roca logo Alternativ 1, negativ on red background
If any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Robert Ericson
Art director
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