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Lock fitting, ROCA dB | RG-441

ROCA RG-441 is a group of products for locking of glass doors with near infinite possibilities. For locking of sliding door, swing doors with side glass and swing doors in frame with seal, ROCA dB. Lock cases that fit to this system are high quality mechanical Abloy lock cases, which together with a Scandinavian lock cylinder provides a safe and professional locking system. The lock fitting forms a base for further product selection of your application. The complete assortment includes lock cases, covers, strike plates, frames, hinges and a variety of peripheral products like knobs, handles, cylinder rings, etc.. To the lock fitting are screws and brackets for mounting the cylinder, cylinder rings and thumb turns included.
Item no: Material Treatment
860771 Zamac Painted grey (RAL9006)
860770 Zamac Painted white (RAL9010)
860772 Zamac Satin nickel plated
860836 Zamac Painted black (RAL9005)

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