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Threshold sealing | RG-591

Automatic threshold sealing (SCHALL-EX® GS-A) for all doors with a glass thickness greater than 6 mm. Can be used instead of standard threshold, but also in a combination.
Suitable for both right and left hand doors

The seal is lowered when the door is closed and is raised again when the door opened. Self-adhesive threshold sealing and cover profile and it is also suitable for retrofitting.

Technical data

  • Glass thickness:  greater than 6mm
  • Overall dimensions HxW:  15.4x45mm
  • Actuation:  Single actuation
  • Sealing profile material:  Silicone, self-extinguishing
  • Travel:  11mm
  • Cover gap:  10-12mm
  • Cuttable standard lengths:  833, 958, 1083 and 1208 mm
  • Can be reduced by 125mm
  • Three fixed lenghts:  725, 825 and 925 mm.

Item no: Material Treatment Length = mm Note
863102 Aluminum/Rubber (Silicone) Anodized natural 833 Cuttable
863103 Aluminum/Rubber (Silicone) Anodized natural 958 Cuttable
863104 Aluminum/Rubber (Silicone) Anodized natural 1083 Cuttable
863105 Aluminum/Rubber (Silicone) Anodized natural 1208 Cuttable
863106 Aluminum/Rubber (Silicone) Anodized natural 725 (8x21) Fixed
863107 Aluminum/Rubber (Silicone) Anodized natural 825 (9x21) Fixed
863108 Aluminum/Rubber (Silicone) Anodized natural 925 (10x21) Fixed

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