Door frame profile, Aluminum ROCA dB | RG-580

Aluminum door frame for swing door in glass solutions, or for wooden door with side light. Together with our firm wall, ceiling and floor profiles a complete fixed wall portion can be made. Sound reduction up to 35dB Easy to mount: ”Plug and play” Sold in lengths of 5400 mm (also available in the finished module sizes 8x21, 9x21 and 10x21) Robust and slim design Unique fittings to optimize appearance and design We also offer customer specific colors according to RAL The profile is despite its small size heavy duty performed to minimize movements, and  together with sidelights makes a very stable wall portion. Side and over panel can be pushed into the full 15mm. The profile is prepared for sealing strip and assembly of a threshold. The frame supplemented with mounting set RG-582 containing floor fittings, corner connectors and screws for hinges and strike plate. Suitable hinges for glass is RG-490, strikes RG-448 and lock fitting RG-441. » Decibel Calculator Special design / not standard frame

Item no: Material Treatment Product
860900 Aluminum Anodized natural L = 5400mm

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