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Pantograph arm | W38

Stainless steel pantograph arm, fits dual drive motors.
  • Fits: W38 with dual drive
  • Adjustable length: 25-35"/620-900mm or 18-30"/470-750mm
  • Electro polished or black anti glare paint.
  • Saddle width 16mm
  • Includes wiper blade adapter and spay nozzle.

Item no: Material Treatment Adjustable length Note
536335 Stainless steel (AISI304) Electro polished 25-35”/620-900mm Bulk pack
538335 Stainless steel (AISI304) Painted black 25-35”/620-900mm Bulk pack
536430 Stainless steel (AISI304) Electro polished 18-30”/470-750mm Bulk pack
538430 Stainless steel (AISI304) Painted black 18-30”/470-750mm Bulk pack

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