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ROCA Industry AB
Radiovägen 19
SE-135 48 Tyresö

Tel: +46 8 448 73 20

VAT no: SE556103390201
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3-louvred ventilator

300 Series

400 Series

5-louvred ventilator

Actuator - Carling
Adapter plate for 3020 | AP01
Angle bracket
Angled keeper for slam latch
Anti brake shield
Arm for disposition
Arm for door closer
Arm for door closer

Attachment kit - ROCA Mekano
Attachment kit - ROCA Mekano
Attachment set for aluminum/wooden doors
Attachment set for Glass Doors
Attachment set for Glass Doors
Awing hook
Awing hook

Back plate for Compression latch Ø61.5
Back plate for Compression latch Ø76
Balcony lock | BL-100
Ball spring for eccentric latch 416
Barrel bolt 103x34
Barrel bolt 115x25
Barrel bolt 65x25
Barrel bolt 72x28
Barrel bolt 92x25
Barrel bolts
Barrel bolts
Battery switch for accumalator up to 100 A/24 A
Battery switch for accumulator up to 250 A/24 V
Battery switch for accumulator up to 250 A/24 V
Bearing for Lift off hinges
Blind plate - Narrow profile
Blind rosette | BRF-2
Blind rosette | BRF-3
Blind rosette | CR-006
Bow eye - Adjustable
Bow eye - Fixed
Bow eye - Standard
Bow eye with brake-off nuts
Bowl handle | 120
Bowl handle | 2025
Bowl handle | 4060

Bowl handle | 80
Bowl handle, lockable
Bowl handles
Bowl handles
Bracket, flat
Butt hinge 100x60
Butt hinge 150x100
Butt hinge 30x30
Butt hinge 40x26
Butt hinge 45x45
Butt hinge 50x30
Butt hinge 50x30
Butt hinge 50x40
Butt hinge 50x50
Butt hinge 60x35
Butt hinge 60x46
Butt hinge 63x35
Butt hinge 75x40
Butt hinge 75x42
Butt hinge 75x66
Butt hinges
Butt hinges
Butterfly ventilator

Cable outlet, 11-16 mm
Cable outlet, 5-8 mm
Cable outlet, 7-12 mm
Cable outlet, flex
Cable outlet, Ø50mm
Cable transfer | 2908
Cable transfer | 3208
Cable transfer | 5210
Cable transfer | 5210R
Cable transfer | 5212
Cable transfer | 5212R
Cam for Compression latch Ø61.5
Cam for Compression latch Ø76
Can and bottleholder
Can holder
Can holder
Catch plate | 415R
Catch plate, 90° | 415
Catchplate | 1
Catchplate | 10
Catchplate | 14
Catchplate | 16
Catchplate | 16
Catchplate | 1L
Catchplate | 2
Catchplate | 22
Catchplate, 22° | 22
Catchplate, 85° | 22
Catchplate, 90° | 22
Chest handle
Chest handles

Chest handles
Circuit board | ROCA Excape
Coachwork hinges
Coachwork hinges
Compression latch | Ø100
Compression latch | Ø61.5
Compression latch | Ø70
Compression latch | Ø76
Compression latch, lockable | Ø76
Compression latch, lockable | Ø61.5
Connection hinge | 1201
Cover for Self closing hinge
Cover for ventilator
Cover | RG-314
Cylinder accesorie kit
Cylinder escutcheon - Narrow profile
Cylinder escutcheon - Narrow profile
Cylinder escutcheon | CR-100
Cylinder escutcheon | CR-106 to CR-121
Cylinder escutcheon | CR-506
Cylinder escutcheon, Finland | CR-424
Cylinder escutcheon, Stainless Steel | CR-01
Cylinder Extension | CE-06 - CE-12
Cylinder Extension | CE-10R
Cylinder fittings
Cylinder plate | CA-100
Cylinder screw M5 | CA-103

Distance plate - Narrow profile | DP-2
Distance plate for SLUG 2010
Distance plate for SLUG 2010/20
Distans plate | CA-104
Door bell | DB-1
Door bell | DB-3
Door closer | DC-734
Door closer | DC-770
Door closer | DC-915
Door closer, floor | DC-843 to DC-844

Door Cylinder Pulls | SLUG 08
Door holder
Door holder
Door knob | LH-DK
Door Magnet | 136 kg
Door Magnet | 272 kg
Door Magnet | 530 kg
Door spring
Door viewer

Eccentric latch - Covered | 415
Eccentric latch - Covered | 416
Eccentric latch | 107
Eccentric latch | 191
Eccentric latch | 22
Eccentric latch | 291
Eccentric latch | 305
Eccentric latch | 307
Eccentric latch | 47
Eccentric latch | 73
Eccentric latch | 99
Eccentric latch | 99L
Eccentric latches
Eccentric latches

Elbow catch
Electric products
End plate | RG-316
Espagnolette handle for cylinder lock, right - Tyresö | WH-T-3020R
Espagnolette rod - ROCA 100 & 600
Espagnolette rod - ROCA 200
Espagnolette rod for wood - ROCA 400/12
Espagnolette rod for wood/steel - ROCA 400/12
Espagnolette | ROCA 100
Espagnolette | ROCA 200
Espagnolette | ROCA 400/12
Espagnolette | ROCA 700
Exit cup - ROCA 200

Fixing screw for Alu/PVC profile (PH-400)
Fixing screw for Aluminum profile (PH-400)
Fixing screw for Steel/PVC profile (PH-400)
Fixing set for glass doors inside/outside (PP-400)
Fixing set for inside/outside mounting (PP-400)
Flame proof ventilator for fueltank
Flame proof ventilator for fueltank.
Flame proof ventilator for fueltank.
Floor socket OLDA , dust protected | 17 HZ-R
Folding bracket, Heavy Duty
Folding bracket, RAKEGO
Folding bracket, ROBUST - L
Folding bracket, ROBUST - M
Folding bracket, ROBUST - XL
Frame bushing
Frame hook 280, 3-hole
Frame hook 280/281, High
Frame hook 280/281, Low

Frame hook, IC
Frame lock | 3
Frame lock | 4
Frame lock | 85
Friction hinges | 38x38
Friction hinges | 38x59
Friction hinges | 38x70
Friction hinges | 38x70
Friction hinges | 38x76
Friction hinges | 38x76
Friction hinges | 50x59
Friction hinges | 62x64
Friction hinges | 76x51
Front cover - ROCA 200
Frontal montage for handrail Ø20
Frontal montage for handrail Ø25 | Triangle
Frontal montage for handrail Ø25 | Oval

Guide plate with neck - ROCA 200

Handle | 120
Handle | 145
Handle | 92
Handle | PH-1130
Handle | PH-1131
Handrail - Ø20
Handrail - Ø25
Handrail - Ø25
Handrail - Ø25
Hatch Lock
Hatch locks
Hatch locks
Hatch spring support
Hinge 28x102
Hinge 28x129
Hinge 28x156
Hinge 30x100
Hinge 30x40
Hinge 30x48
Hinge 37x58
Hinge 37x68
Hinge 39x60
Hinge 40x100
Hinge 40x107
Hinge 40x127
Hinge 40x127
Hinge 40x127
Hinge 40x129
Hinge 40x129
Hinge 40x140
Hinge 40x180
Hinge 40x180
Hinge 40x38
Hinge 40x48
Hinge 40x59
Hinge 40x67
Hinge 40x74
Hinge 40x76
Hinge 40x78
Hinge 40x78
Hinge 40x98
Hinge 45x35
Hinge 46x38
Hinge 50x36

Hinge 57x38
Hinge 60x74
Hinge 64x102
Hinge 65x188
Hinge 75x150
Hinge 75x150
Hinge 75x74
Hinge 82x184
Hinge 82x92
Hinge 85x52
Hinge cap 41x15
Hinge cap 41x18
Hinge cap 41x33
Hinge cap 41x34
Hinge cap 41x66
Hinge, brass 40x59
Hinge, brass 40x76
Hinge, brass 57x38
Hinge, ellipse 48x65
Hinge, ellipse center 35x51
Hinge, ellipse center 48x67
Hinge, ellipse center 62x90
Hinge, ellipse reversed 48x65
Hinge, ellipse stud welded 48x67
Hinge, offset 37x114
Hinge, offset 37x36
Hinge, offset 37x38
Hinge, offset 37x42
Hinge, offset 37x68
Hinge, offset 37x76
Hinge, offset 40x116
Hinge, offset 40x131
Hinge, offset 40x137
Hinge, reversed 40x35
Hinge, reversed 45x125
Hinge, reversed 60x110
Hinge, reversed 60x130
Hinge, reversed 60x160
Hinge, reversed 60x85
Hinge, self closing | SC-611
Hinge, stud welded 40x76
Hinge, stud welded reversed 60x110
Hinge, stud welded reversed 60x130
Hinge, Stud welded Reversed 60x160
Hinge, stud welded reversed 60x85
Hood latch
Hood latches
Hood latches

Joint and hatch hinges

Joint and hatch hinges

Key rosette | KRF-3

Lable - Exit
Leg 45° | PH-400
Lever bolt OLDA, automatic | 27 HZ
Lever bolt OLDA, automatic | 28 HZ
Lever bolt OLDA, automatic | 34 HZ
Lever bolt OLDA, manual | 30 HZ
Lever bolt OLDA, manual | 33 HZM-32
Lever bolt | 8312
Lever bolt | 96
Lever bolt | 98
Lever bolt | 99
Lever bolt, Adjustable | 97
Lever handle without rosette | LH-201
Lever handle without rosette | LH-202
Lever handle without rosette | LH-208
Lever handle | LH-104
Lever handle | LH-105
Lever handle | LH-106
Lever handle | LH-201
Lever handle | LH-202
Lever handle | LH-208
Lever handle | LH-301
Lever handle | LH-302
Lever handle | LH-308
Lever handle | LH-6400/38
Lever handle | LH-9002
Lid stay, RAKEGO
Lift handle | 44x38
Lift handle | 60x50
Lift handle | 60x75
Lift handle | Ø50
Lift handle, Heavy duty | Ø100
Lift handle, Heavy duty | Ø100
Lift handle, Heavy duty | Ø100

Lift handle, Heavy duty | Ø70
Lift handles
Lift handles
Lift off hinge
Lift off hinge
Lift off hinge 40x35
Lift off hinge 40x66
Lift off hinge 55x35
Lift off hinge | 1222
Lift off hinge | 1228
Lift off hinge | 3220
Lift off hinge | 3228
Lift off hinge | 3248
Lift off hinge, brass
Lift off hinge, brass 40x35
Lift off hinge, brass 55x35
Lift off hinge, offset 37x36
Lift off hinges
Lift off hinges
Lock and cam
Lock case for sliding door, ROCA dB | RG-450
Lock case for swing door, ROCA dB | RG-451
Lock case for toilet door, ROCA dB | RG-452
Lockcylinder, oval | OC-1700
Locking part for 2010 and 2020
Louvred ventilator
Louvred ventilator
Louvred ventilator
Louvred ventilator
Louvred ventilator
Louvred ventilator 100x200
Louvred ventilator 125x125
Louvred ventilator 125x125 for tube 100 mm
Louvred ventilator 85x85
Louvred ventilator 85x85 for tube 75 mm
Louvred ventilator and Adaptor

Mini latch

Mounting bracket L for 470010

Nail for tail hook

Numbers and letters



Pad lock attachment - ROCA 200
Piano hinges
Piano hinges
Pianohinge with hole
Plastic dome, EXIT | EC-2
Plastic dome, EXIT | EC-3
Plastic dome, EXIT | EC-4
Plastic dome, EXIT | EC-5
Plastic dome, EXIT | NKA
Plastic dome, EXIT | NKA narrow
Plastic dome, EXIT | NKR
Plastic dome, EXIT | NKR 80
Plastic handles
Plastic handles
Pre cut screw M5x90 | CA-102
Pre-cut screw for PP-300

Pull handle | PH-403
Pull handle | PH-409 K, 45º
Pull handle | PH-409 SD, 45°
Pull handle | PH-409, 45°
Pull handle | PH-409, 90°
Pull handle | PP-301
Pull handle | PP-302
Pull handle | PP-304
Pull handle | PP-307
Pull handle | SLUG 13
Pull handles
Push Button Slide Latch
Push button, round | PB-2
Push-button locks
Push-button locks

Rampa nut (PH-400)
Return spring for lever handle
Roca Mekano

Rod holder - ROCA 200
Roof box fittings
Roof box fittings
Rosette for lever handle | LR-3

Safety security chain
Safety-Hasp with lock
Safety-Hasp with turnlock
Safety-Hasp, Heavy Duty
Safety-Hasp, Long arm
Safety-Hasp, Small
Screw eye
Screw pre-cut and nut for ROCA lever handles LH
Screw pre-cut for Roca LH
Sealing wire
Security rosette - Narrow profile
Shower hinge wall-glass, adjustable 90° | RG-930
Slam latch | Ø61
Slam latch, lockable | Ø61
Sliding door bowl
Sliding door handle | 90
Sliding track for ceiling | RG-310
Sliding track for wall | RG-312

Special hinges
Special hinges
Spindle for Exit TT-300
Spindles for door closer | DC-S00 to DC-S20
Spring Ø8,6 for cable transfer
Square spindle for 60-75mm doors
Square spindle for doors upto 75mm
Stainless steel cover
Staple for Stormhook, 23
Storm hook
Storm hook
Storm hook
Storm hook, 21
Storm hook, 22 aluminum
Storm hook, IC
Strike plate
Stud catch

Table hinge, 180° 30x71
Table hinge, 180° 38x76
Table hinge, 180° 40x70-75
Table hinges
Table hinges
Tail Hook
Tail hook
Tank ventilator
Tank ventilator
Thumb turn cup
Thumb turn Exit device | TT-310
Thumb turn Set, Finland | TT-250
Thumb turn Set, Scandinavia | TT-150
Thumb turn, Finland | TT-200

Thumb turn, Scandinavia | TT-100
Thumb turn, security | TT-280
Tightening fitting
Toilet lock for sliding doors
Toilet thumb turn | TL-5
Toilet thumb turn | TL-6
Track arm
Trailing edge bolt device | SLUG 10
Trailing edge device | MS1
Trailing edge Strengthening device
Turning device and plate | CA-106
Turning device for Fix
Turning device | CA-101
Turning device | CA-105

Ventilations stay for SLUG 2010 | Type 1
Ventilations stay for SLUG 2010 | Type 2

Ventilator Roca Caravan

Washer for handrail Ø20
Washer for pullhandle PH-300
Watertight switches - Carling
Watertight switches with LED - Carling
Wheel set including stopper | RG-301
Window latch 175
Window latch 177
Window latch 180
Window latch 180/280
Window latch 280 IC with high hook
Window latch 280 with high hook
Window latch 280 with low hook

Window latch 281 with high hook
Window latch 281 with low hook
Window latch 380 with high hook
Window latch 380 with low hook
Window latch 385 IC with high hook
Window latch 390 with high hook
Window lock for inwards windows | SLUG 2010
Window lock for outwards windows | SLUG 2020
Window lock SLUG
Wire handles
Wire handles

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